Sunday Night Drinks at Vacation Bar in Downtown Santa Ana

Downtown Santa Ana is home to quite a few trendy places, and Vacation Bar on 4th Street was no exception. This bar is a dream with its aesthetic accents, complete with a variety of plants and welcoming wood furniture. They really know how to give you the vacation vibe both with their tropical interior and with their unique drinks; each cocktail was named after a city, from New York to Tokyo. We checked out the bar shortly after they opened at 5pm on a Sunday evening, and there were plenty of spaces sit, relax and sip your drink. We each …

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Date Night at Marché Moderne

Marche Moderne Charcuterie Board

Good French food, matcha ice cream, and a surprise drive-in movie? Sounds like the perfect date night to me. The boyfriend asked me a week in advance to make myself available on Thursday night, but it wasn’t until the day of that I realized we weren’t just going to grab dinner or head to our nearest movie theater. “I have to wear what?” That was my response when he told me I should probably wear a dress. I hadn’t been told in advance that this date night he had planned wasn’t just one of our casual nights out, but actually …

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