Tiffany | Fall Portrait Session in Orange County

Hello all!

We’re in the middle of October and that means it’s pumpkin season! Nothing says October more than a visit to the good old pumpkin patch. My friend Tiffany wanted some fall portraits and we knew the local pumpkin patch would be a warm and festive location.

Surprisingly, it started pouring the moment we stepped into the patch! There was no rain in the forecast so weren’t prepared at all, but after hiding under a tent for a while it eventually let up. We took the opportunity before the next downpour to take our photos, and the stormy sky definitely made for some cool shots. I’m so glad we got the pictures we did, because once we were done the rain returned, along with thunder and lightning! It was quite a spectacle for us SoCal folks who rarely see rain, much less a full-blown storm.

Hope you enjoy these stormy fall photos! <3

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