Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America

I decided to take some Fourth of July themed photos to celebrate the friendships we’ve made in the country of red, white, and blue.

Standing with U.S. Flag

The lighting in Quail Hill Preserve in Irvine, CA captured our spirit perfectly. Golden light cast halos around us and set the colors of our flag aflame.

Tanya & Justin with American Flag

The tans, oranges, and golds of our skins glowed against the sea of yellow brush, while the flag swept over us in its fiery glory. Had it not been for our non-stop laughter and incessant complaining, we could have very well been as majestic as the Statue of Liberty.

What mattered was that it was us, a diverse group of friends, spending time together on an isolated yet beautiful hill. We laughed and sighed and breathed together. Despite the dust we kicked up into our lungs, we were together celebrating a place that had brought us all together.

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