Jessica | Spring Session at Carlsbad Flower Fields

We’re in the midst of spring and flowers are blooming everywhere! There’s always beautiful blooms at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad every year, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve gone. My friend Jessica had never been, so it was the perfect opportunity to do her portrait session and enjoy the fields. I was reluctant to take photos here, because I knew there wouldn’t be very many spots that were free of crowds and caution tape (the flowers are taped off so people don’t go into the field and trample them). But with a little creativity and determination we …

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Big Bear Lake Day Trip

Big Bear Day Trip

Ever since our last trip here, Big Bear has become one of my favorite destinations for fall and winter fun. Pretty much everyone here in Southern California knows about Big Bear Lake, and has visited the area at some point or another. I actually had only gone once as a kid to see snow for the first time with my family. But my day trip to Big Bear with my college friends was definitely more magical. There wasn’t a flurry of snow like when I first visited, but there was still just enough leftover from the last snowfall for a …

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