Japanese Akita Love: Kumo + Miwa + Towa

Have you ever seen three cuter Akitas? My friend Kristy invited us over to her house for a little hangout and play session with her three Japanese Akitas: Kumo, Miwa, and Towa. I had met Miwa and Towa when Kristy first got them, but this was my first time seeing all of them together! And it was our first time meeting Kumo, the eldest of the three, who was just a big, sweet bear; he even let us put a hat on him with no complaints.

I’ve been wanting to take pictures of dogs (other than my own!) for a while, so I had lots of fun snapping candid shots of these friendly doggos. I love that each Akita has their own unique appearance, not to mention a unique personality all their own, which I think comes through in the pictures!

Dog lovers, enjoy! 🙂

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